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Net neutrality anyone?


Here’s some additional info on testing your Netflix speed from Pretzel Logic and The Best Of Netflix¬†and a similar piece from Wired.


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I like "web portals" – customizable pages that allow you to pull stories of interest together on a single page in a way that makes it easy for you to see what’s going on. I’ve used Netscape, iWon, Yahoo and most recently iGoogle for this. Google just announced they are shutting down iGoogle, which is my current primary home page.

If you use iGoogle or any of the other web portals connected with other ISP-ish services then maybe this is something you might want to check out. I just got started with it but it looks like a very good iGoogle replacement, although I haven’t dug into pulling the Google feeds I normally use (Gmail, Reader, Calendar) into it. Maybe I can’t but nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh?

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Aaron Karo presents Ruminations.com

Lots of interesting little (generally) one-liners. A good one from today – I have the answers to the ethics test if anyone needs them.”


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Periodic Table of HTML5 Elements

Nice overview with links to related W3C and W3Schools information.



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After a bought with Netflix streaming yesterday I found this handy status site.


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