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Here’s a nice online source for those digging into American history from teachingamericanhistory.org.


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Very cool. Here you can find the full context of a lot of those one-liners that are burned into your mind such as “ask not what your country can do for you”, “old soldiers never die” and “the only thing we have to fear”. Not only is the text there but in many cases so is the filmed speech.


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Just in case you and a friend have extra time to throw away.

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All I’ve got to say about this is WOW! If you haven an Android 2+ phone and would like to have a VNC client in your back pocket* for whatever reason, get this thing from the Market. It works great running against a TightVNC server on whatever remote system you need to access. It’s nice and quick once the initial screen loads and it was very intuitive to use.

* If you need one, you know what it is, ok?

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In the words of the author, "This should be the LAST FREAKING JAVA SMTP IMPLEMENTATION."

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